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Time4Writing Review


Time4writing Company Overview

When times get hard at school, students search for someone to help them. In our search for such help, we came across time4writing, a service we hadn’t heard of before. It was actually quite confusing. We read a couple of comments that mentioned that this is writing help service. It is, but not in the way you think.

Time4writing is really confusing, too. We were searching for a place to order a paper there, but there isn’t such an option. The confusing website made this time4writing review even more exhausting and confusing.

You do pay for writing help here, but not the kind most students look for. They have prices, but for a service that resembles tutoring. Their tutoring isn’t in subjects, but in academic writing. From the many reviews, we learned that their system isn’t fully functional. Some time4writing reviews even spoke of poorly crafted lessons and others stated they were charged more than they agreed to.

All of this made us check the service further, which is where our time 4 writing review comes.

Time4Writing Services Overview

Time 4 writing is not a place where you can order papers like essays or research papers. They seem to focus on teaching students to write on their own. Basically, the site is an online curriculum that teaches writing skills. They have many courses, as well as 1-on-1 training with teachers, and a certified teacher-led course of 8 weeks.

Their courses are also very limited. In fact, this service only helps kids. This is probably why there are so little time 4 writing reviews to be found. Students would need parents’ or guardians’ permission to study here since the services are paid – and quite expensive.

Here is what their services offer:

  1. Basic courses:
  • Elementary school: grammar skills and writing sentences
  • Middle school: writing mechanics
  • High school: writing mechanics and writing paragraphs
  1. Intermediate courses:
  • Elementary school: writing paragraphs
  • Middle school: writing enhancement, writing paragraphs, and writing essays
  • High school: writing essays
  1. Advanced courses:
  • Elementary school: writing essays, narrative writing, informative writing
  • Middle school: writing advanced essays
  • High school: writing research papers

The other two options presented on the site are 1-on-1 training with teacher courses and their certified teacher-led course of 8 weeks. But, there’s nothing else mentioned about these, not even the prices, so you have to speak to the support to learn the details. Pricing

We can’t provide you with an overview for something that we know nothing about. There’s just one price mentioned on the time4writing website – $119 for their 8 week course. Initially, we had no idea where we can see the course curriculum and enroll in it. But apparently, whatever course you want to choose, you have to click on it, and it will take you to the parent information form.

Only when you fill this form and reach out to them, you’ll be taken to a page that shares more details. Here you will learn that the 8-week course is not a separate course. In fact, all courses have the same quote and, regardless of how many you choose for the student, the price won’t change.

Time 4 Writing Discounts

There is a field where you can enter the time4writing promo code when you pay for the course, but there’s nothing else about this on the website. We checked every page and every comment – there isn’t a time4writing coupon available. Perhaps these are given to returning customers or are special offers that show at certain times of the year or occasions. However, we found nothing that speaks of discounts or reduced prices.

That being said, those prices are seriously expensive for a course for students in elementary or middle school, even high school. We don’t see how such young children can benefit from online courses that require a great deal of organization and dedication.

Other Features

The only feature we liked is their 14-day money back guarantee. But unfortunately, this isn’t valid. We tried the website and paid for one course. Then, we asked for a refund because the course was simply too general and really poorly organized. We didn’t even receive a response and, once we told this to their agent on the phone, he literally hung up!


If you thought about choosing this website, know that it isn’t a place to order papers. It’s a place to learn how to write them and it only offers this to children from elementary to high school. To use any course, you have to pay over $100 and get your parent to fill the form. The courses are of poor quality and their money-back guarantee is as fake as it gets.