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Essaybot Review


The first thing you should know about the company Essaybot is that this isn’t a writing company – not at all. This is the first surprising thing we came across while we did our research for this essaybot review. Some Essaybot reviews online speak of writers who did their papers after they ordered on this website, but this is not possible. Those reviews are obviously a way of essay bot cheating, seeing how this is an automated software that supposedly helps people write their essays – all on their own!

Essaybot Services Overview

This website charges the visitors once they create a profile, but not for the services students are used to paying for. You won’t be finding custom writing services for essays or research papers here. In fact, you won’t be finding a real person behind the site working on anything, not even a support agent. We’ve tried to reach out to them on several occasions to get some actual communication that would make our experience for this essaybot review more pleasant. But, the only service you get here is from their automated software.

Speaking of their software, you can do a limited number of things on the website. They have what they call an unlimited search database, which is basically Google search from the website. You should be well aware that not all the data you find through their software is safe to use, so you still have to go through your research carefully to find the credible data.

Next, they have auto writing suggestions. You have to pay to get these things and, when you do, you will have to do your own writing and wait for their program to give you some suggestions. Since there aren’t real people behind this, we were often given inaccurate and ridiculous suggestions that had nothing to do with the essay. Some might help you, but the cost is pretty high for such a limited service.

Essaybot has a plagiarism checker that’s supposed to get your paper to pass through Turnitin. We wouldn’t rely on it too much though, since we checked a rather plagiarized paper and it didn’t find half of the copied content.

EssayBot Prices

Now, this was the part that annoyed us the most. Essay Bot claims to be free for its users, but this is far from the truth. It’s free for seven days while their free trial lasts. This is still good news since you can see how their tool works without spending the money on it. After we did this, we decided not to proceed to pay for it – the offer is simply too bad to cost so much.

Even though the software is basic and you can find the same features on many free sites online, this website charges a minimal price of $49 per month and a price of $99 thereafter.

Essaybot Discounts Policy

There aren’t discounts we found on the website or anywhere on the web. This remains one of the highest-priced software options where you can get automated assistance while doing your papers, despite the fact that they have a limited number of average features.

The fact that they have no real, human services at all is disappointing enough. But, the biggest disappointment occurs when you actually test their main services such as the plagiarism checker and the low-quality suggestions feature. These literally made our writing more complicated, not simpler.

Other Features

There are some other features you can find on the website. It’s hard to determine which of their offers are services and which are features. On the website, you can also generate your citations based on the research you’ve performed and the data you’ve entered. This is the only feature we found to be helpful, though still not worth the price.

The tool generates APA and MLA citations only and it does so rather fast. They also have unlimited essay downloads, obviously, since you’re paying them to write your papers on the site.

Finally, the last feature we could find was their grammar checker. The grammar checker found some of the most obvious errors, pretty much what your Word spell checker would come up with. But, it missed some important errors and mistakes, which makes it a very limited grammar checker, especially for a paid one.

With tools like Grammarly available at no cost now, you can find more errors than with this paid tool. Not to mention, for that sum, you can pay an actual human editor to fix your paper.


We were fairly disappointed to find out that this website is not a writing service. The name says it all, but there are comments online that indicate otherwise. Don’t be misled by them – this is actually a bot and there’s no real human help on the website. For a bot, it has limited features of poor quality that come at a rather steep price.