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About Us

About Our Essay Writing Services Reviewer Site

Throughout my entire college and university journey, do you know what the hardest part was? Writing essays. Personal essays, to be precise. Application essays were a total nightmare. I’m not good at the “elevator pitch” and I don’t mind it, really… I can always count on writing services, right?

I used a writing service for my college application essay. I used one for my personal statement when I applied at MBA school. Of course I used writing agencies for other types of content, too. Argumentative essays, research papers, case studies… you name it.

Hey, I’m Mike and I’m a pro at using writing services.

I know where the best papers are, and I’m willing to share my two cents with anyone interested in buying content online.

The Experience that Led Me to This Idea

Do you know the feeling of being cheated? You invest all your trust into someone. You have high expectations. Doubts are part of the process, but you truly believe that everything is going to turn out well. And then… the day comes when you realize this someone failed you. They didn’t bother about your needs. They took your money and went away.

Sounds like a bad romance, and that’s exactly what students get with unreliable writing services. I’ve been in that place and being scammed doesn’t feel nice.

I’ve also been in good relationships with writing services. Long-term ones. These are the websites that deserve my trust and my money. It took me a while to find them, though.

So I realized: it shouldn’t be this hard for students to find a writing service they can trust. Since it’s difficult to evaluate a particular service through the website alone, they should have access to reliable and trustworthy reviewing services.

That’s how it all started.

The Team

I’m not alone in this. I shared this idea with some of my friends at university and they loved it. They all order papers online. Let’s be honest: in today’s educational system, who doesn’t? Everyone orders papers online.

So I managed to gather a team of ten reviewers. We’ve all tried different services and have our favorite ones. The first thing we did was share and compare our impressions. Then, we developed a reviewing system that could work for all writing services. We set some standards, and we follow them whenever we order a paper and review a particular agency.

Order a paper – you heard that well!

We only review services after ordering papers from them.

That’s the only way of providing reviews that you can trust.

My friends and I have used more writing services than we can count. If there’s a popular writing agency, chances are that some of us have used it. And if no one has used a service and you still want us to review it, we’ll order a paper from it and we’ll write that review for you.

That’s how we roll. We’re 100% real!

Why Are We Doing This?

  • Because we care.

Personally, I’d really like to see someone’s unbiased opinion before ordering a paper from a particular service. I’m not talking about testimonials featured on websites. Those can be real, but they could also be fake. Someone can write whatever they want when it’s their website we’re talking about.

Unbiased reviews – now we’re talking. These are reviews that no one paid for. These are reviews you can trust.

Since there’s no other website that offers such detailed and realistic reviews, we decided to start one. It’s good for us, since we get to see what the other members of our team think about a website. It’s great for our readers, since they get detailed guidelines when they need to buy papers online. It’s great for everyone, since real users of writing services get to share comments on our website.

We welcome you to become part of a reviewing community that makes things better in the writing industry. We reveal the scammers and recommend the best academic writing agencies!
Also, we want to show here – how what and why we do this in a visual way.

essays orgin review infographic