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EssaySoft Review


At first glance, Essaysoft seems like a really legit website that offers students and businesses essay writing services. One of its first attractions is the modern website, fast load speed, and quick navigability.

The Essaysoft which provides essay services inside an all-in-one software claims it is one of the largest providers of academic writing software. That sounds really great to the ears. However, we find it really baffling how a site which boasts to have over 1.5 million happy customers and have so far completed more than 16 million essays online within its 3 years of existence would have such scanty reviews online.

And as for the few essay soft reviews we found, there are many which failed to exceed a rating of 2/5. So, what could be wrong? Is essaysoft really what it claims it is? We will try to answer these puzzling questions in this review. Come along!

EssaySoft Services

At this point, it is important we spell it clearly that essay soft isn’t an essay writing service but something like an essay generator. Apparently, they simply use a software which can create essay papers automatically in a matter of minutes. Their services are definitely automated and there is no human intervention.

For example, with the essay rewriter, the service lets you put in a sample and in just a matter of minutes (or even seconds), the software will produce a new content. This why you see that they do not offer general services such as a dissertation, thesis, research projects, and others as other legitimate essay writing services on the internet offer.

The site’s tools include the following:

  • Essay Master: which creates essays from samples, generates bibliographies, rewrites the contents, formats and edits them – all in an automated system.
  • The Text Generator: which generates papers from samples extracted from the site’s database with the use of filters.
  • Paper Rewriter – which automatically rewrites essay texts to original pieces.

Other tools include the Topic Researcher, the Composer Bibliography, and the Sentence Shuffler. Their services are available online and via app. Clients usually have access to the site after making a paid subscription.

EssaySoft Prices

Here’s one of the reasons that make us believe that Essay Soft doesn’t run a legitimate service; while an average essay writing service online charges around $13 per page on an average, what’s essaysoft offering? $9.95 per month or $69.95 per year! For a lifetime plan, you can get the subscription for $99.95. Of course, that’s ridiculously low for a custom writing service, but it’s probably a bit high when you think that the site has no human writers or editors – just an AI-based system.

Discounts Policy at Essay Soft

Essay Soft doesn’t offer users any discount regime for any purchase, whether you’re a first-time client or a regular customer. Meanwhile, we consider the site’s lifetime subscription plan to be the best option, provided you need an article shuffler during your entire period of study in school.

Although we didn’t expect to find any discount on the website because of its ridiculously low prices, maybe they could have attracted more students with coupon codes, at least. However, we won’t advise any student to waste his money on this website, no matter how small the money is.

Special Features

From our observations and other essaysoft reviews we’ve seen that the software offers its customers no added or special features. In fact, it falls far below the level of service you could call a custom writing service provider. And we must say that this is the first essay writer/software that has no online customer support, dedicated phone number and not even an email address.

However, we came across an essay soft review which claims the bibliography generator is a really nice feature. Meanwhile, there’s still no way you wouldn’t need to go online to format the citation again.


First, our investigation and Essaysoft review show something that Essay Soft would never want its clients to know; they seem to have series of undercover objectives which are of high risk to users, something which an Essay Soft review by Scam Adviser also warns users against. There’s a thick cloud surrounding the site’s actual location. In fact, the setup of the site involves three countries, so it’s really hard to pinpoint where they’re operating from.

On the paper quality, we found a disappointed user online who mentioned that the article processed by the software still shows heavy plagiarism. Worse still, we haven’t seen anyone who testified about having their money back after making such a request. So, we think EssaySoft is all about an inefficient automated system that is designed to create a ruse and scam people. For these reasons, we definitely will not recommend that you use this service. It’s insecure, unsafe, incomplete and ineffective service. Steer clear!