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HireWriters Review


Hirewriters Company Overview.

Unlike most writing services online, Hirewriters is not an academic writing company. This is essentially a content writing service where customers can look for freelance writers to write for their websites. Other than that, all other elements are the same as any other online writing service. That is why, in our HireWriters review, apart from a few adjustments, we are going to treat this company no different than any other writing service.

As is our procedure, we looked for various HireWriters reviews online as well as client testimonials that had made use of this service. Additionally, we also hired a writer from the website to check what the quality of their content is like. If you are going to order from this service, it behooves you to read our review first.

HireWriters Services Overview

Since this company does not deal in academic writing, you won’t be able to ask writers to write a research paper or an essay for your class. Instead, the services available here are for people who are looking for content for their website. In addition to writing articles, they also provide other services like:

  • Rewriting and proofreading articles
  • Ghostwriting
  • Blog posting
  • Copywriting
  • Email swipe and auto-responder series creation
  • Product listings and descriptions

There are no samples available on their website. So, there is no way for people to determine the quality of their writing unless a hired writer posts examples on his/her profile. There are 4 different writer categories – Beginner, Average, Skilled and Expert. Once a customer selects a category, writers start to bid for their project.

For our Hire Writers review, in order to get a comprehensive understanding of their quality, we decided to hire a ‘Skilled’ writer to write a blog post. Unfortunately, the content we received paled in comparison to our own writers. It was clear from the various grammatical mistakes that the hired writer wasn’t a native English speaker. We could only guess what a Beginner or an Average writer at HireWriters would churn out.

Hire Writers Prices

The prices stated on the hirewriters com website are extremely low compared to other writing services. These range from $0.65 for a Facebook post and can reach as high as $1250 for an e-book of 5000 words written by an Expert writer. These prices do fluctuate since writers bid on the projects and negotiations can take place.

The prices are low for writers as well which is not a good sign for them, especially in the long run. Good writers know what they are worth and will charge a hefty amount. This makes us doubt the pricing displayed on the site as it is indicative of low-quality writing provided by low-level writers. Sadly, we were let down even by our so-called ‘Skilled’ writer as we didn’t get the value that we were expecting for our money.

Hire Writers Discounts Policy

As is the case with most writing services that employ the bidding system, there is no discount that clients can avail on their orders. This can be a real bummer for clients, as mentioned in various Hire Writers reviews, who are looking to order e-books and lengthy blog posts written by Expert writers. In order to bypass the pricing issue, the only other option left for clients is to opt for low-level writers who do not charge as much but also do not provide quality content.

Other Features

We were expecting to find some additional features that could make their business model a little more unique and alluring. But, the negative sentiment prevails here too. Unlike other writing services that offer unlimited free revisions and a money-back guarantee, Hire Writers do not offer any extra feature which is a major let down.

However, on the upside, there are various blog posts with enough information for potential writers. This includes the approximate amount of money that they can make depending on their skill level. So, unless you are looking to work for this company, there is not much information available.

Additionally, their website is not user-friendly at all and seems to be outdated. There are many reviews that bring up similar issues time and time again, and yet, things remain as they are.

Summary for Hirewriters review

As you may have surmised from our review, this company is not suited for academic writing. The writing service caters only to businessmen who are looking for content for their blogs or websites.

However, why would anyone make use of their services is beyond us. Based on what we have learned, we would not recommend Hirewriters to people who are looking for content that will enable their businesses to thrive.

Instead, we urge them to take assistance from other companies with a similar business model where they can actually get high-quality content. On this platform, people ordering for their websites are only going to rue the fact that they even considered this as a reliable or trustworthy source, for they are neither.