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Affordable Papers Review


Seven percent off is far too little for a first-time discount, but Affordable Papers already has some of the lowest prices we have seen. In fact, we haven’t seen a company that goes below $9 per page before and when you add their discount, that’s what happens here. But, while the low prices may appeal to customers who are looking for low rates, it makes us reconsider buying from the service. Why? Because such low-priced companies usually have terrible reputations and bad writers, which is also evident in the Affordable papers reviews online. 

Affordable Papers Services Overview

There are four kinds of services at this company:

  • Writing from scratch (includes all written papers like essays, research papers, dissertations, etc.)
  • Editing and proofreading of existing papers
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Problem solving

The first category includes all the papers you could think of, which makes this a very appealing service at first. The thing that was strange at this point is that they offer their prices equally for any writing from scratch order you make. How can a dissertation and an essay be valued with the same quote? Prices overview

When you hear about a service called, you cannot anticipate that the papers there will cost so little. The lowest price here for the undergraduate levels costs $9 only, and that’s without the discounts they offer to newcomers and returning customers. This price applies to a deadline of 2 weeks and to any paper you order for this level. 

This brought up another strange thing. The service offers dissertations and theses at the same prices, but as it seems, there isn’t a longer deadline than 2 weeks to order them within. This gives you little room to save some money, but it isn’t all that bad because the prices here are much lower than in other companies. In fact, their 2-week deadline price for admission papers is $33 per page and for professional level only $15 per page, which is even lower than what some companies charge when you order it 2 months ahead. 

While they lack in long-term deadline, they don’t in short-time deadlines. Their shortest deadline is only 3 hours and you can, once again, order any paper you want within this timeframe. This includes dissertations, too. 

Discounts Overview 

As we mentioned at the beginning of this Affordable Papers review, there is a 7% discount for new customers. This doesn’t sound as appealing at first, but when you learn about their prices, it doesn’t really matter. The rates are lower than you can ever get them online. This is probably how most students are tricked to order here without even giving it a second thought. 

To our surprise, they even have loyalty program available for their returning customers. It is very unclear how this works, but we didn’t really ask many questions about it considering that we had very serious issue with our papers. We don’t believe that many students turn into their loyal or returning customers, regardless of how cheap this service gets.

According to the website, customers pay for orders and receive bonuses based on the order’s pricing. This isn’t your ordinary loyalty program because it’s based on bonuses, not accumulated pages. When you order a paper and pay for it, they give you 10% bonus to use on future orders. 

But, underneath this explanation, it says that you only get 10% off if the order costs more than $1000. You get 5% off if the order costs more than $500. 

Strangely enough, the discount page said that the website’s prices are for EU customers only and that for other customers, taxes are excluded from this price. So, if you aren’t from the EU, be ready to pay some more in the checkout.  

Quality of services 

The quality part was the thing that concerned us the most. This service delivers bad quality, which was obvious by the prices they charge. When you pay less than $10 per page for a paper, you cannot really expect the work of really qualified writers. Even so, the company decided to make such statements and promises, making students believe that they’ve found the best bargain out there. 

We were really frustrated about the essay we ordered. It came almost a day late, which is a grave error on behalf of the company to begin with. If that wasn’t bad enough, they also plagiarized some of the content. The quality of the essay was devastating, too. So, even if it came on time and was original, it was definitely not of high quality.


In summary, this company is bad. It looks amazing to those who search for low rates, but when you stop to consider their reputation, it’s not even worth the small prices they charge. Such low-priced companies always disappoint us, but this one managed to completely ruin the delivery, originality, and quality of the paper.