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Samedayessay Review


Big numbers in the form of percentage often makes people more confident about buying from a service. But, when it comes to a company that is supposed to help students meet deadlines, a 97% percentage for timely delivery is still disappointing to us. What about those 3% of their customers? Did they pay Samedayessay for nothing and missed their deadlines?

Besides, there are many samedayessay reviews that mention this type of problem, so we can only assume that this is a more frequent problem that the company cares to admit.

This was just the starting point of our research for this Samedayessay review and we were already a bit disappointed. For a service that has chosen such a name and offers rapid delivery, this was a devastating thing to discover. Even so, we proceeded with our review, as well as the research of other same day essay reviews to find out more. Keep reading.

Samedayessay Services

The name might say essays, but there is much more in the list of services on the website. This part got us a bit hopeful considering how big their list is. Interestingly, they’ve decided to make the pricing pretty much the same for all the papers, but different for academic levels only. Some companies do this, so it’s not really uncommon.

The thing that surprised us the most at this point is that their list of prices includes deadlines you can hardly find anywhere else. They have a deadline of an hour, which means that you can make an order and have it delivered until the beginning of next class.

This is a big leap on behalf of the company and it would be amazing if it were realistic, considering how many students need really urgent help. However, most of the complaints about late deliveries, as well as terrible quality, happen with students who ordered their papers within one, two hours, or any other time that goes below 24 hours. It is a bold move, but not really a smart one, since it is probably one of the biggest culprits for the lack of popularity this company has.

Same day essay Prices Overview

The prices are great, especially for the longer deadlines. Though, when you stop to consider that their great rates only apply to the lowest levels and deadlines of 20 days (which almost never happens to high school students), you will be tempted to take a look at the rest of the list. Once you do, you’ll realize that the company is only seemingly cheap. As a matter of fact, the shorter the deadline and for most of the higher academic levels, the prices are rather high.

Let us give you an example. A 20-day deadline for a high school student comes with a price of $14 per page, which is really good, but no one really assigns such long deadlines in high school. A more realistic deadline would be a week, for which the price is $16.23 per page, or 48 hours, for which the price is $21 per page. This is only the lowest level’s prices. For those of higher levels, the prices reach $50 per page, especially for PhD students and dissertation projects.

Samedayessay Discounts

The prices at same day essay are considerably lowered thanks to the discount program. They have the samedayessay promo code that hands new people 15% off on their first order. Then, students get a bonus based on how much they’ve spent on past orders. This isn’t the bonus most companies have where you accumulate papers and get lifelong discounts. It’s a bonus based on spending. So, the more you pay, the more you’ll save on your future orders. It’s not ideal, but it’s something.

Other Features

There are not many features this company offers. One of their most popular ones is the short deadline feature which, as we said, is really rare online. The company focuses its entire business on this, seeing how they’ve chosen such a name for their business. Even so, they don’t seem to have tried hard enough to employ great writers or make a system that would allow them to deliver speedy papers, especially not within an hour or two.


Despite the classy website and truly unique promises, this service didn’t impress us at all. From the beginning, we noticed that something is wrong with the company. They literally admitted that they don’t always meet deadlines, which is probably a way to cover up their frequent delays that are constantly reported by students online. This service is averagely prices and has a strange discount program but, most importantly, they aren’t trustworthy enough to deliver your papers in time or with the quality you expect them to be.