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MyPaperWriter Review

0 is an online service that provides academic papers for students. The business has been active since 2009 and has completed over 120,000 assignments.

The domain opens up to a pastel themed front page that advertises top-grade papers and written by more than 500 expert writers who are “at your fingertips.” Moreover, the site claims to offer:

  • Confidential content;
  • Safe payment;
  • No plagiarism;
  • Time-zone friendly services;
  • Articles for all academic levels;
  • Content that fits your format.

The “Reviews” section is at the bottom of the domain. If you access it, you’ll find only three positive reviews written by anonymous profiles that the website might have autogenerated.

According to the feedback on the domain, Mypaperwriter seems to be a 4.9/5 service. However, we’ll judge the quality, services, prices, and discounts to figure out if the agency is reliable. Then, we’ll give a final honest rating in this my paper writer review.

Mypaperwriter Services

The fourth button in the menu is “Services.” You can click on it and find more about the services that they offer:

  • Research paper help;
  • History paper writing;
  • Economic research papers;
  • Management paper writing;
  • Sociology papers;
  • Analysis papers;
  • Editing service;
  • Proofreading service;
  • Writing papers for money;
  • Action term paper;
  • Accounting term papers;
  • Business term papers;
  • Essay writing service;
  • English term papers;
  • Personal statement;
  • Research proposal;
  • Research paper writing service;
  • Custom college papers;
  • Term paper writing service;
  • Write my college paper;
  • Write my term paper;
  • Write my research paper;
  • Pay someone to write my paper;
  • Write my essay.

Each option is a hyperlink that redirects you to a lengthy presentation page for the service. The Mypaperwriter tries to convince you of the quality of your paper and mentions the writers, prices, and refunds.


The second button of the menu is “Pricing.” Here you’ll find a table with three categories of services:

  1. Writing, which starts from $17.55 per page;
  2. Editing, which starts from $11.70 per page;
  3. Proofreading, which starts from $9.96 per page.

Furthermore, the site claims that the payment is secure and that the revisions are free. However, we found more than one my paper writer review that complain about the extra costs involved.

Some reports say that they deliver a mediocre article for the initial price. Then, if you want to get a better paper, you need to spend more. So, you may not get free revisions after you order from them.

Other feedback points out that the payment is not as secure as they advertise. One mypaperwriter review even stated that they never got their article or money back.


Most essay agencies give a 15% discount on your first order. Well, my paper writer doesn’t do that. They don’t mention discounts anywhere on the site.

In plus, they don’t offer a discount plan for customers who are loyal and order consistently. Most sites have a loyalty policy that offers 10% off every order after the first 50 to 100 pages ordered. As a client, you want to know that the company you order from cares about your pocket, especially if you always buy from them.

Lastly, the refund process isn’t guaranteed. We found reports that complain about the domain not functioning once they requested a repayment. One mypaperwriter review even stated that after they asked for a refund, they even lost their account on the site.


For this section of our mypaperwriter review, we relied on more reports from outside the domain. The website advertises top-notch quality content, yet they don’t mention the writers and their credentials. Also, you can’t find any certification or guarantee that the person writing for you is verified and competent.

To confirm that, we read many reviews that complain about the quality of the papers from my paper writer. Some say that many grammar and syntax issues could be corrected with professional writing software. As a self-proclaimed professional writing service, they should have apps to fix grammar errors.

Most feedback complains about the quality-price ratio, and many regret choosing this site for their school assignments.


Our final thoughts on are not positive at all. We rate it 3.7/10

The quality of the services is inadequate. Reviews complained about grammar errors and missed deadlines. Furthermore, the customer services aren’t available and easy-access like on other sites. You can’t find presentations for the writers, and my paper writer doesn’t have any available certifications. Besides, the site doesn’t seem to bother investing in software that prevents grammar issues.

The initial price may be the minimum amount you’re paying. So, you might spend extra dollars trying to fix the article as revisions, editing, and proofreading aren’t included in the package.

So, according to our review, you should try to find another service to suit your needs and provide you professional help.