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MasterPapers Review


A website can tell you very little about a writing service. Of course, in the end, it all comes down to the quality they offer. However, before we placed our order to write this Masterpapers review, we checked the site’s content to see what they promise to deliver. 

As it seems, there isn’t a single bad review on the website. This sounds amazing, but not when you keep looking online. This service is far worse than we expected, which we established by reading comments from customers on the Web, but also by ordering a paper from them.

MasterPapers Services Overview

Masterpapers has an excellent list of services. Their list gathers everything from research papers to dissertations. It also includes all essay types, projects like statistics projects, marketing plans, as well as programming assignments and math problems. Basically, regardless of your academic level, you will be able to find all of your projects and papers there. Prices overview

This part went great, too. Master Papers has excellent prices, far better than we hoped. They also have very short deadline options that go down to 1 hour only. Even the prices for these are considerably more affordable than other companies we have reviewed. 

As a matter of fact, we have so far found only a few companies that have deadlines for one, two, or three hours. This is very hard to accomplish, especially for a service that guarantees great quality. The thing that surprised us the most is that you can get almost all paper types within an hour or two. It is simply impossible to do the necessary research and write top-notch quality, edit the paper and submit it within such a short timeframe. 

The prices for the longest deadline for the majority of papers range between $14.91 and $54.25 per page. The first price applies to the lowest academic level and longest deadline of 2 weeks, while the latter applies to PhD level and a deadline of one hour. Yes, apparently, you can order a PhD paper here within an hour. Sounds really unrealistic, doesn’t it?

More complicated projects have strange prices and deadlines, too. Dissertations can be ordered 2 months ahead, but also 48 hours ahead. Preparing an entire dissertation within two days is very hard to accomplish, especially if you promise the best quality and 100% satisfaction. The pricing for dissertations ranges between $17.40 and $33.69 per page. 

Discounts Overview

Even though the options are peculiar, you’ll probably agree that the prices are really attractive. These aren’t even the fixed rates – there is a discount if you haven’t bought a paper there before. The special offer for 15% off on first orders has been there forever. They’ve used a marketing trick to make you rush into purchasing. They say that only the first 1000 customers who sign up on the website get this discount. On the pop-up message, it says that it’s a daily offer. Once again, a trick. Don’t let this mislead you. 

Our first disappointment here was that there aren’t loyalty discounts. It’s strange when a company decides to award new customers but fails to create benefits for their returning, loyal buyers. 

Quality of services 

The lack of discounts wouldn’t matter at all seeing how the rates are good at However, the thing that they have failed to provide is quality. For a writing company, this is unforgivable. 

We decided to test their short-term deadlines. Not to push too hard, we ordered within 8 hours instead of one. The price was quite high because of the tight deadline, but still better than in most reliable companies.

However, the quality was below our expectations – as far from them as possible. We cannot imagine how this service delivers papers within one hour or writes dissertations within days. Their writers have really bad writing and English skills, which is probably the reason behind their low pricing. 

What was wrong with our paper? Well, the essay we received from their writers was copied from an essay we instantly found online. There was 45% plagiarism in the content, not to mention the endless mistakes we found by using grammar checkers and editing the paper ourselves. 

It seems that the writer took some content from an online website, did some minor edits, and sent it out without even giving it a second peek. They had definitely not edited the paper, nor have they checked for plagiarism. When we confronted them about it, they did nothing to resolve this serious issue. 


When a company hires writers who aren’t qualified enough to write the quality papers they offer, it’s bad. But, what is worse is when that same company doesn’t follow their own guarantees and doesn’t take any measures to improve the situation with many unhappy customers. This service may be cheap and have a good list of services, but their quality of writers and support are definitely bad.