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PaperNow Review


No matter how you spin it, the fact of the matter is that student life is tough. Be it time crunch or the inability to juggle multiple assignments per week, there are many reasons why students would want to turn to online writings services such as Papernow. 

If you’ve never been to their website, you’ll find it to be quite simple and interactive – exactly what you want from a student friendly website. Its modern look really appeals to students, and yet it isn’t one of the known companies out there in the market. Why is that? In a phrase, looks can be deceiving. Let us find out in this papernow review where and why the company fails to deliver what it promises. 

PaperNow Services Overview

The good news is that the list services can be accessed from the landing page itself. The bad news? It’s a mess. All the services are lumped together which makes it unnerving for students to rummage through them to find the one that they want to order. Here is the list of services offered:

  • Essay
  • Dissertations
  • Term Paper
  • Thesis
  • Reviews
  • Case Study
  • Business plan
  • Coursework

For purposes of brevity, we have included only the popular ones. Editing and proofreading are also available. The list is comprehensive and long and is not the source of contention. The major problem lies in how well the writers are able to provide the content based on what is marketed. 

There are various claims that the company makes regarding their writers. Most of them, as per the claim, hold MA or Ph.D. degrees and are well-versed in their subjects. However, according to various student testimonials, it doesn’t seem to be the case. Students have repeatedly accused them of plagiarism and been at the receiving end of an order that didn’t adhere to the instructions and the themes.  Surely, can’t expect to become famous if it continues such practices. 

PaperNow Pricing

The price page is well organized and the quotations are based upon the urgency and the academic level. It ranges from an unimaginable $3.51 per page for a high school paper with a 20-day deadline to $43.60 per page for a Ph.D. paper with a 1-hour deadline. 

Now, let’s take some time to dissect that a bit. We have never heard of an online writing company providing high school essays at such a low price. Nor have we ever heard of a writer being able to write a Ph.D. paper in under an hour. Clearly something suspicious is at hand. After going through various student reviews we found out what was going on. 

Be it a high school paper or a Ph.D. thesis, there is plagiarism at all levels. This is the only way the writers can ensure that they can go through various orders in a small amount of time. Some websites go on to claim that Papernow was created only to get more traffic and attracting customers. For this and various other reasons, it has now become quite infamous in the community. 

Discounts Policy Overview

Discounts play an important part in luring the customers to order. On your first order, you will receive the traditional 15% that is the standard for most online writing companies in the industry. With subsequent orders, students can avail various other discounts which, of course, weren’t mentioned on the website. The conditions, however, for receiving further discounts is quite shady since most students wouldn’t want to order a second time if they receive the low-quality work that Paper now is known to produce.

Other Features

Let us take a look at other features such as their customer support unit and various policies that the company claims to abide by. The customer unit can be get in touch with through a 24/7 live chat and telephonically. The agents are quite polite, at first, and will assist you in placing your order. However, if you have any queries regarding order updates or want to get a revision, the agents take their own sweet time to answer, if they ever do at all. 

The company claims to provide free revisions for papers within 2 weeks after delivery if you’re not satisfied with it. But very little is ever changed or improved upon. We wonder why they should even have this policy in the first place when all that the writers really do is take up additional time and draw out the process that should’ve been completed within the original deadline.


Given how this Papernow review has turned out, it wouldn’t be a surprise that our concluding remarks include students steering clear of this company for good. There is hardly a redeeming quality that does not have its own set of problems. The list of services is comprehensive but the writers aren’t able to deliver the content that is expected of them.

The prices are geared to grab your attention but they only reveal their immoral practices of conning the desperate students in need of someone to help them with their work. The discounts are standard which aren’t exactly necessary in the first place. The customer support unit, which ought to be the backbone of any company, is as flawed as the other aspects. Expect not to find any friends at

We would never recommend this company to any student looking to improve his/her grade or get some help with the workload. Students are better off taking their money someplace where it won’t be such a waste.