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Essayshark Review


Essay Shark is a company that’s been operating on the academic services market for many years now. In all this time, they’ve established a very poor reputation. Almost every Essayshark review you’ll find online speaks of bad quality and inexperienced writers. This is why we decided to do our own research and write an all-encompassing, up to date Essayshark review. 

EssayShark Services Overview

The first thing you should know in this Essay Shark review is that this is a bidding company. This means that they don’t take over once you tell them what you need. It is up to you to decide which writer you’ll pay. Bidders come up with their quotes and customers need to decide whether or not they are willing to hire them. 

This system comes with some advantages and disadvantages. One of the perks of such companies is that they don’t limit their customers in terms of services that they can order. At Essay Shark, you can place any kind of order for any paper or academic level. Then, you need to wait for bids and choose who will write your assignment.

Essay Shark Prices overview

This Essayshark review lacks an important piece of information due to the bidding system of the company. We cannot share any specific prices or even tell you about a price range in this Essay Shark review. They have no minimum bid rules, nor do their limit writers in how high they can go with their bidding. As a result, you can get any kinds of prices. In our case, there were over a dozen different options that ranged between less than $10 for a page and $20 for a page. Still, these were mostly very low compared to other companies.

Discounts Overview has a system that does not allow them to offer any kinds of discounts. You might talk it out with a bidder and convince them to give you a lower price, but the company itself provides users with no discounts. It’s only obvious seeing how they don’t provide you with prices, either. 

Even without the discounts, Essayshark is still one of the lowest priced companies we have found. Most of their bidders seem to charge very little, which is probably how survived on the market for so long. These prices are very enticing and many students are tempted to buy a paper. 

Quality level 

You might want to stop and think about selecting a very low price if it seems like things can go wrong with it. However, Essayshark has made it seem like their writers are all overly qualified. So, when we received such low bids from educated and experienced writers, we were instantly tempted to place an order.

Most of the bidders who decided to bid on our order had a low quote. Some of them were said to have Master’s degrees and had amazing rating to support their qualifications. Most customers won’t even stop to consider the higher bidders considering how amazing these offers look overall. 

This only showed us how unwise it is to trust the company. We chose a writer with a relatively low bid of $11 per page. He was said to be native English speaker, but the paper was definitely not written by someone who is fluent in the language. His profile also claimed that the writer had a Master’s degree, which was probably inaccurate based on the quality of the content provided.

The most frustrating part about this was that the testimonials listed on the profile of this bidder were all great. He delivered a really bad paper, full of copied content and endless mistakes. A person who writes this way cannot possibly have those qualifications, not to mention be so highly praised by actual customers.

This says a lot about the company, and not in a good way. It means that they don’t check their writers’ background details and allow them to trick customers into choosing them. They also handpick good comments to make it more likely for their writers to be selected. In the end, it’s the customer who is tricked and scammed into buying.


After all those bad things with our paper happened, we spoke to Essayshark regarding our issue and hoping that they’ll take responsibility and resolve this. Apparently, this company is untrustworthy about many things. They lie about their writers’ qualifications, publish fake writers’ testimonials, and take no action whatsoever to resolve any issues that occur as a result of this.

This is why the company has such a bad reputation on the market. The only thing keeping them active is their very low pricing range, which is far from enough for our recommendation.